Connect Microscope Camera to Computer

This guide not only suitable to our C60 microscope camera, but also apply to most industrial microscope camera on the market.

Industrial microscope cameras typically come with USB (type B) interface, it is the only way connect to computer (desktop PC or laptop). HDMI or VGA interface does not support computer connection.

USB 2.0 port USB 3.0 port


USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is little bit difference, make sure you use the correct cable that for the camera, they do not fit to each other.

usb 2.0 cableUSB 2.0 cable usb 3.0 cableUSB 3.0 port



If your camera does not built-in software, then it is required to install on computer. All operation is controlled over the software like capture images or videos. Common software like AMCAP, OBS, or S-EYE are free and compatible with most cameras.

Choose appropriate software to download and install it. You can search them on Google or our download page.



If your microscope camera support memory card storage, make sure there is no card before connection, otherwise it will become portable drive and not camera.

So connection is straight forward, connect camera to computer with the USB cable, no extra power adapter, it uses power directly from USB. If connect to desktop computer, use USB port on the back of computer. 

Once microscope camera is connected, open software and adjust the settings, such as resolution.



Video delay on computer should be expected, usually around 0.1 second, depends on computer configuration.