QAREQU C60 Microscope Camera Manual



Connect camera to monitor directly with HDMI cable, monitor must support 1080P resolution, otherwise you cannot see full size video.


Connect camera to computer with USB cable, it will auto turn on and does not require DC 12 power. Refer to Appendix: Using on computer for more information.



  • When power supply is connected, it will turn on after 3-second. Indicator light turns to green. Press and hold the button for 3-second to power off. 
  • After power on, short-press to enter Menu, press again back to previous menu level.
  • Digital zoom in (max 7X) under camera mode.
  • Move cursor up in Menu.
  • Digital zoom out under camera mode.
  • Move cursor down in Menu.
  • Enter video record mode, press Camera icon to start/ stop record.
  • Back to previous menu level in Menu.
  • Take photo, indicator light will turn to red.
  • Select/ Confirm in Menu.



Photo Pixel (max)

60MP (4:3),

40MP (16:9)

Video Resolution

2K 30FPS,

1080P 60FPS

HDMI Output

1080P 60FPS

CMOS Sensor

1/2.33 inch

CMOS Pixel

1.33 x 1.33um

Lens Mount C-mount
Micro SD Storage

Min 4GB, Max 64GB

DC Power 12V 1A

63 x 73 x 37mm (2.5 x 2.9 x 1.5”)

Weight 150g (0.33 lb)


Appendix: About Micro SD Card

  • Camera must under power off mode when insert/ withdraw card, otherwise it will turn off and need to power on again.
  • Card must be formatted inside camera before record or taking photo (Menu > Format > OK).


Appendix: Using On Computer

  1. It is driver- free on Windows/ Mac computer, not for mobile devices.
  2. Micro SD card cannot be inserted, otherwise it will work as removable drive for files preview/ playback/ transfer.
  3. Download freeware like OBS or AMCap, or other compatible software for operation.
  4. Connect USB cable from camera to computer, it will auto turn on, DC power supply is not required.
  5. Device must be correctly selected from software menu if you have webcam or other camera connected.
  6. All buttons and menu of camera will be disabled, operation is done on software only.

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