Playback 4K Blu-ray Movie on Desktop PC

Playing 4K Blu-ray movie disc on computer has a list of requirement, 4K Blu-ray drive is only part of it. Important Note, this example is for reference only, but it works with us.

Step 1:
Downlaod ( and install VLC media player. It is absolutely free, no ad, no spyware.
download vlc media player

Step 2:
Insert 4K Blu-ray disc in the drive, open VLC, and click Media -> Open Disc

open disc

Step 3:
In Open Media window, it will auto select the drive and file in the disc, you just select Blu-ray and click Play

select blu ray

Step 4:
It may show you error message that you need to install Java, you can ignore, it won't affect the playback

ignore error message

Step 5:
Enjoy the movie!

4K blu ray movie

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